Poetry - April 2005

Four Hours And Nothing Bought

We take our time on the first floor showroom
Trying to pronounce the Scandinavian names so well
And we see all the little things we might like for the house
With plenty of little furnishings in between
By the time we head for the stairs our head is full
Of ideas of wanderlust and wandering lists
Things we could do to make our house more of a home
We have to be careful we don't get carried away
So then it's through the ground floor sections
Some nice fabrics here, some nice rugs and lighting there
And then we see something we might desire
Before we know it though we're into the warehouse
And walk through to the tills empty handed
Too much time to make our minds up
And too little time to get our heads around everything
Four hours gone, and nothing bought.

(A tribute to the IKEA mooching shoppers.)

Overdosing On Chocolate Hype

Easter has come and gone for another year
The supermarkets have fallen for the hype
The chocolate companies predicted so much
But there's a glut of the brown stuff everywhere
People are concerned about their weight
No one wants to be called obese these days
They see other things to get their kids this time of year
And so the Dairy Milk is just left on the shelf
A sign of the times comes the Tuesday after
I walk into the local bargain discount shop
And sure enough are Easter eggs on offer
Dairy Milk, two for a pound, no less
Meanwhile even at that price they're not selling
Meaning a massive overstock for donations elsewhere
But is this a sign of things to come
Will we have eggs of fruit and vegetables?

(A point I'm wondering after Easter - even those who bought eggs bought too many, or didn't bother at all. I guess that everyone wants to try and get a nice figure these days, and/or to lose some weight..)

He Can't Write A Love Song

Every time he tries to write a song about love
He just thinks back to all the heartaches he had
And when he knows how much hurt he suffered
The brain just simply won't function no longer
It's not for the lack of trying to find a special one
Someone who'll be there for him like he'd want to be
But there's always that fear of being taken for a ride
Rather than being the one in equality in the relationship
So instead he writes his songs on his experiences
Of heartbreak and love that he wished he hadn't ruined
And yet underneath all that writing inspiration flows
The inspiration which one day will write him a chart hit
Only then maybe may he get the desire and attention
Only then can he truly by loved and adored
So much so that he can write a love song again
And dedicate it to the woman of his one true dream.

(Everyone writes based on experiences. I mean, for a while after I'd split from a long term relationship I couldn't write about love. So if that's anything to go by there you go.)

Earning The Trust

You see a woman you like
You've been out with her for a while
But you're not sure how she'll feel
When you ask to stay over at her place
It's the first time you're going there
You know you like her a lot
But you don't just want her for sexual means
And so you make a suggestion
You comfort sleep together and be close
And see what the feelings are
You both wake up that morning
And then you both realise something deep down
You've earned her trust cos you were true to your word
And from then everything grows and blossoms
Even now still being comfortable with each other.

(Sometimes it's what you don't do in the bedroom that counts. More. Remember that.)

Not Another Day

Can't wake up in time
Turn over in my big bed
Not another day!

(Not a morning person. Period.)